Novena to Jesus

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Day 1:


Dear Jesus, my loving God and Savior, be with me as I pray. I offer You my heart this day in thanksgiving and in love to do with as You please.

To be an example of Your great love is my desire. To be one with You forever is my goal. Teach me Lord, Your way. Help me find my way in this darkness—the world around me. Be with me always—as I work, as I pray—that I may live out this life in peace.

Teach me the joy of Your heart. Teach me the love You have for all. Show me the inner recesses of Your heart and make me one with You. Help me to see You in all people, in all places, in all things. In the joys and despairs of this world, help me to find You. In the peace and the darkness, help me to see Your face. In the world around me, let me find and give only joy and love—as You do.

Let my heart be Your heart, and yours mine. Let my heart issue forth only love and peace, joy and radiance of heart. Let me be like You in all things. Let me abide in You all the days of my life that I may live out my eternity in joy with You.

I love you Lord. Walk with me. Be with me. Teach me the way. I love You. Yes.

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Day 2:


Be with me dear Jesus, as I pray. I invite You into my heart, into my soul. Take up residence in a special way, that I may always be Your child of the Light. I love you dear Jesus, and ask You to take me to the reservoir of life, to the font of love overflowing in abundance in Your heart.

Help me to see You in all people. Help me to see You in all places. Help me to see You in my own heart too. To behold Your face is my great desire. In heaven You will grant to me this gift. Bless me my God, that I may attain eternal life with You and never be parted from the vision of Your Holy Face.

That I may be one with You, enrich my faith. Make it and my intentions holy and pure. Let me be one with You as You are one with the saints and angels. Let me be one with You as you are with Your mother—and mine. Let me know her too, in a deeper way—in a love ever binding my heart to hers—my heart to Yours. I love You my dear Jesus. I love You.

Always I come now to give You my homage and my love. Always You give back to me Your joy and peace, grace to carry on and blessings to enrich my faith and build my prayer life into a fitting offering and sacrifice to You. Teach me to pray. Teach me to love. Teach me to give of myself and renew me in Your grace. Send forth Your Spirit once again upon me my Lord. Send forth Your Spirit and Your love. Send forth Your blessings, that I may lead a life pleasing to You in all respects and may I never dishonor Your holy name.

I love You dear Jesus, with all my heart. Thank You. Be with me. Love me—that I may love all in You. Yes.

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Day 3:


Dear Jesus, dear loving Jesus, be with me now as I pray. Teach me to walk in Your steps, to carry my cross with You at my side. Teach me to act as You did—gentle and kind to all, merciful and loving, penetrating hearts by Your generous love, penetrating souls by Your gentle touch. Teach me to be gentle and loving in all my acts of mercy. In all my acts of charity, let me be humble and kind. Let patience and love guide my days. Let mercy and generosity pervade my works. Let kindness and forbearance, gratitude and perseverance, humility and fortitude, generosity in love and mercy to all be goals to strive for always—virtues to live by.

Dear Lord, be with me always. Help me to see with Your eyes the path to walk, the way to go. Light my days always. Keep me ever by your side. Do not let me be lost to despair in my trials. Do not let me give into temptations which assail me. Keep me ever protected in your heart. Guard me from destruction. Teach me to gain eternal life through sanctifying the spirit (within me). Give me the grace dear Lord, to walk the path You have laid out before me—to walk as You did to Calvary—in grace and peace.

Sanctify my soul, dear Lord. Lift it up to Your Heart that it may be glorified by You on the last day—that You may be glorified in me. Take me by the hand, dear Lord, and walk with me—to Calvary—to eternal life. I love You. Yes.

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Day 4:


Dear Jesus, my loving Savior and Lord. Be with me. Pray with me. Take me to the Father through Your love. I love you dear Jesus, with all my heart. I love you. Be with me always and guide me in Your love. Be a lamp unto my feet. Be my guide to eternal life. 

My Lord, my God, my all, I adore you. I praise you with all my heart and ask You to let me praise and adore You forever—for all time and eternity. I love You. Forever I sing Your praises and give to You my heart. Forever I love You. Forever I am here to adore You in the presence of the angels and saints. Forever, I am here to adore You.

I love you so dear Jesus, increase my faith. Teach me to walk with You in new ways—above the ways of the earth—beyond the ways of the flesh—in the spirit. O dear Jesus, teach me—that I may live. Walk with me, that I might see and know that which You desire for me to know. Pray with me, that I may grow deeper and closer to Your heart—that I may pray lovingly, mercifully, gently and abundantly as You do—for all—for one, that I may know Your heart.

I love you dear Jesus. Teach me, show me the way and I shall follow. Help me with Your grace. Amen.

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Day 5:


Dear Jesus, loving Savior and Lord, I am here to do You homage, to praise and thank You for blessings received—those gifts You have bestowed on me, Your loving servant, in grace. Be with me Lord as I pray. Help me to see Your way. Let me see with Your eyes the world around me. Teach me to pray for all people, all mankind, in Your love. Teach me to lift up the treasures of the world to Your heart. Teach me to lift up the trials and burdens of the world to Your heart. Teach me to love as You do all in Your heart. Let all be placed in Your heart, in Your love, through the work and love of Your servants and Your grace bestowed freely on all. Teach me to see the value of each soul in Your eyes, Your heart. Teach me to see each individual as You do, that I may pray for them, love them, and care for them as You do.

In Your heart, protect me. In Your heart, love me. In Your heart, inebriate me with love poured out on my soul—that I may live in faith, walk in joy, and love and be for all as You are—love. Love beckons me always. Love protects me always. Love's burdens reflect the love in His heart always.

Trust me Lord, Your servant, to try always to please You, to invoke Your holy name, and rescue me Lord in times of distress, in times of despair, from the clutches of the evil one. Rescue me always in Your love. I will try Lord. Always in Your love, I will try—to walk with You closer each day—to live in love always reflecting on Your heart—and to be for all a manifestation of the Divine Heart in me.

I love You. Be with me always. Make me an instrument of Your peace, and know in Your love, I am Yours. Your will be done. Amen.

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Day 6:


O my sweet Jesus, I come to You in humility and love. Teach me the way to Your heart. Be for me an example of holiness and love that I may meditate on them day and night. Give me the grace, dear God, to know Thee and love Thee beyond all. Give me the grace to study the virtues of Your saints and imitate them in love. Give me the grace dear Lord, to find also a new way to Your heart—my way—a way that no one has traveled before, for You have made my soul unique in Your love. Let its uniqueness be the way to Your heart—a new way so pleasing to Your Heart that it pleases You to take my soul to be with You forever. Let its uniqueness shine forth Your glory. Let the Creator and Crafter of my soul be given glory through its creation.

 O Jesus my Savior, I love You. I wish to always love You and unite my heart to Yours. In Your love, hide me. In Your love, hold me. In Your love, mold Your creation to glorify You. I love you dear Lord—forever. Be with me. Pray with me. Show me the way. I adore You my God—forever.

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Day 7:


Dear Jesus, my dear sweet Jesus, I love You so. Help me now as I pray, to see You in all things, in all circumstances, in all places, at all times. I love You so and wish to draw ever closer to Your Heart. Draw me in Your love to the heart of salvation. Do not let me drown in my iniquities, be cast off by my sins, burdened forever in guilt and shame. But rather, Lord, be my Savior, Redeemer, and Lord. Lift me up to Your heart, that I may be saved from my sin, unburdened from my guilt and shame, blessed in Your love.

I love You so dear Lord, help me now to replace my will with Yours, my heart with Yours, my desires with Yours. Help me to see Your love in all, Your face in all, Your presence in all things. I love You so and want ever more to behold Your face, Your countenance, Your love. I wish ever more to be Your servant, slave to Your heart, beneficiary of Your love, and the generosity of Your spirit. Teach me how Lord. Take my hand. Make me one with You in spirit and in love. Take my heart upon You and make it Your own in love. Take my spirit and mold it as You intended it to be—forever in love with You. Teach me generosity of spirit, for I know not how without Your Love and guidance, to give of myself as You would have me give, as I would offer back to You in love.

Do not now leave me to myself, dear Lord, for left to myself, I shall fall. Only in Your grace and love can I walk the path of holiness and grace You place ever before me—ever beckoning me to leave behind worldly desires and ascend to Your heart in spirit. Evermore, be my guide. Evermore keep me close in Your heart that I may not be lost in sin, lost in myself, lost in the world. I love You. Save me in Your gracious love. Amen.

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Day 8:


I am here dear Lord, to ascend to Your Heart, guided by Your Spirit, led in Your love. I love You my dear Jesus. I love Your ways. I love Your love. I love Your heart. Teach me anew of Your gracious heart, of Your ways in love, to lead a soul ever closer in Your love. I am here Lord, to do Your will, to offer myself in sacrifice to the Divine Heart—Your heart—in love. Teach me to offer myself to Your heart each day—in a manner most pleasing Your gracious love, in a manner most befitting Your Heart.

I love You so. Hear my prayer. Hear me in Your gracious love. Teach me in Your generous Heart. I love You. I want ever more to do only Your will, to live ever more in Your heart, that I may please You each day—each moment of my life—that I may attain heaven and be with You forever. I love You. Yes.

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Day 9:


I am here Lord, to do Your will, to fulfill Your desires for my heart. Teach me Your ways. Be for me evermore, my love. Command and I shall follow. Speak and I shall listen. Bless me that I may do Your will always. In Your love keep me and protect me. I love You.

Know that as I come to You this day, I give You my heart. Forevermore, it is Yours. Forevermore I am Yours. Forevermore know that my will is Yours, my love is Yours.

Be my peace and my joy. Be my heart’s desire always. I love you. Amen.

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